Between post-truth and neo-fascism: Donald Trump’s goodbye –

Between post-truth and neo-fascism: on the day of farewell to Donald Trump

The occasions that passed off in Washington on January 6, which culminated within the seizure of Congress by some protesters who had been immediately or not directly incited by Trump, put an finish to the whitewashing of the President from the media. Trump since his inauguration in 2017.

4 years which have been distinguished by what has been known as populism, a right-wing populism by which the institution that Trump opposed was that of Washington. 4 years by which this populism has manifested itself within the abuse of social networks, in coups in opposition to China to recuperate, apparently, the US business and within the never-built wall to separate the US from Mexico, with the purpose to cease migration with out documentation.

However Trump’s central attribute has by no means been populism.

Donald Trump was the President who arrived boosted by the post-truth; Additionally known as prior lie or different info. And it is a proven fact that marks character and whose affect was seen within the 4 years in workplace. An affect that’s manifested in a selected political undertaking, which has been growing in these 4 years and which is manifested within the factors that we are going to see instantly.

Somebody coming to the White Home supported by the American alt-rightIt has neo-fascist genes in its type of growth of political motion; a neo-fascism that could possibly be known as neo-fascism, which doesn’t have the crude and militarized look that the one we suffered in Europe had within the final century and which, consequently, will be known as extra cultivated and pleasant. In actual fact, the essential strains which have guided him in these 4 years aren’t very completely different from different extra well-known phenomena of neo-fascism.

Neo-fascism may be very shut economically to essentially the most excessive liberal theses, what in the present day we’d name neoliberalism. A thesis that desires to chop the load of the State within the financial system and that, amongst different points, has lowered the tax burden (particularly on the very best incomes, together with his) and minimize the meager welfare state. We solely have to recollect the very powerful marketing campaign that was directed in opposition to Obamacare. A neofascism / neoliberal in economics that has a related level within the modification of the laws of monetary markets, to convey it nearer to the regulatory mannequin previous to the disaster of 2008.

Trump’s neo-fascism is seen in his try to colonize the establishments. Not solely did he need to alter the electoral end result and alter it by non-established procedures (by imposing on Vice President Pence his appointment as President by ignoring the votes of the Electoral School, one thing by no means seen and even raised), however he additionally had the political goal of ending authorized management mechanisms. The Supreme Courtroom was his first goal, although with out realizing that, as soon as nominated, the Justices have a lifetime of their very own. The rush to interchange Gingsburg they represent the proof of this dash that he has developed to eradicate any kind of opposition.

Trump’s neo-fascism is seen within the contempt of the media that weren’t associated, such because the NYTimes or CNN, and configured it with different realities when what was mentioned didn’t match what he wished. That is additionally typical of neo-fascism.

Trump’s neo-fascism is seen within the repeated try to ignore the establishments and their procedures, one thing that some opposition events have practiced in Spain after the movement of censure in opposition to Rajoy. Forgetting about procedures means altering the essential guidelines of democracy.

Trump’s neo-fascism is seen within the reiteration in contemplating that voting by mail is an unlawful vote and subsequently shouldn’t be counted. One thing it tried to do in some ways, corresponding to stifling USPOST, the US authorities entity accountable for its administration. However let’s keep in mind that it was one thing with which he even reached the White Home, since he denied legitimacy to all of the votes by mail. Probably you noticed that this was the place the vast majority of votes Hillary Clinton acquired was positioned.

Trump’s neo-fascism is unique, racist, as there was event to see through the protests that passed off after the demise of a black citizen by the hands of the police.

And Trump’s neo-fascism, briefly, is seen when he desires to forcibly alter an electoral end result. Making it look like a spontaneous power, regardless of having instigated it. Some occasions by which the police paralysis was as putting because it was suspicious. Though the comparability that Schwarzenegger made with the evening of the damaged glass in Germany is an extra, and if one thing is extra just like the coup of the brewery, that doesn’t imply that it have to be given nice significance.

From my viewpoint, there isn’t any doubt that what characterizes Trump is his authoritarian and neo-fascist sense. Her character can be called fascist, or notWhat’s related is that it has tried to switch a regime to convey it nearer to the intolerant democracies of central Europe.

Now, we will not keep right here. Penalties have to be drawn to guard and strengthen Spanish democracy.

What occurred in Washington can occur anyplace. The protection of democratic establishments just isn’t a sport however it’s a fixed work. A piece whose final goal is to broaden the political base that participates in democracy and shield it from itself, from the assaults that will come from the neofascisms that we’ve amongst ourselves. The exaltation of the stress that beats in Vox’s speech just isn’t one of the simplest ways to face actuality, particularly when it begins with post-truths.

Constitutional patriotism as an integrating imaginative and prescient of democracy, consists exactly in accepting discrepancies and realizing tips on how to be in a minority on sure events. It’s accepting any debate raised in democratic phrases, even if you happen to do not prefer it. It’s to just accept a debate on whether or not the monarchy is the most effective type of state, as a result of this doesn’t have an effect on the essence of the system, which is none aside from the social and democratic state of regulation that’s included in article 1.1 of the Structure. Constitutional patriotism is to reject outright denying historic reminiscence or that there are some who put into query the laws for the safety of ladies or LGTBI teams.

To be a constitutional patriot is to not go together with a flag in procession however to just accept the constitutional guidelines that exactly enable discrepancy. And this responsibility to incorporate even in these instances by which what’s repeatedly repeated is the Structure (or to be extra precise a imaginative and prescient of the Structure, removed from its textual content and spirit) and a few constitutional events are talked about.

Right this moment Spain wants, taking Habermas’s phrases, “a cosmopolitan understanding of the nation of residents that maintains precedence over the ethnocentric model of a nation that’s finally in a latent state of battle.” We have to generate a tradition that begins from the range that’s regular within the globalized world and particularly affordable in a rustic as various as Spain.

This text has been printed within the Spanish version of Huffington Post on January 20, 2021

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